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About company

"Click" - the system integrator with the wide list of computer services.

Our advantage is complex диверсифицированный the approach to IT-services. Clients receive all necessary IT-services in one place, it is not necessary to search for suppliers of various computer hardware, a license software, the company for the implementation acquired by a software and support.

Our clients are large state companies, administrations and controls, the organizations of small and average business (SMB), the commercial organizations from various sectors of economy and business types, private persons, the noncommercial organizations. We are ready to solve almost any IT-task in the short terms with responsibility and a quality assurance.

We offer you:

  • IT-consulting (the help in a choice of the optimal circuit of creation of an IT-infrastructure of the enterprise, including a hardware and program part; the analysis of business processes of the organization, a sentence of automation and abbreviation of production costs).
  • IT-audit (complex audit hardware and the software, check of the necessary documents confirming the right of use of this or that software solution).
  • Designing and mounting LAN (from a normal spacer of the equipment cable before designing difficult LAN an